Grab Bars / Safety Rails Questions

What’s the difference between Grab Bars and Safety Rails?

Nothing, they are the same thing.

Where is the best location for my grab bar/safety rail?

When in doubt, always place the Grab Bar HORIZONTAL to the floor (typically 33″-36″ high) – this gives you the best support. One of the primary purposes of a grab bar is to give support when you slip or fall. Only horizontal grab bars acts like a shelf – all other installations will depend on your hand grip for holding your entire body weight.

Why is there 1-½” space between the bar and the wall?

It’s the ideal dimension. Any less and some people would not be able to fit their hand around the bar. GRAB BARS THAT EXTEND OFF THE WALL MORE THAN 1-½” ARE DANGEROUS. If your hand and arm were to slip between the bar and the wall and you continued to fall, you could easily break your arm!



What makes it “The World’s Strongest Fastener”?

Simply put, the WINGIT translates forces into compressive forces within itself and will not loosen over time.
What about humid / wet conditions?

The WINGIT is completely SELF-WATERPROOFING as you install it, even over grout lines. We use 3M’s BEST waterproofing material.

Can I mount televisions with WINGITS?

There are three types of TV wall mounts – Low-Profile, Tilting and Full Motion. WingIts can be used on Low Profile and Tilting type Wall Mounts. The best installation would be to install screws into the wall stud and the WingIts where there are no studs.

Can any Grab Bar work with WINGITS®?

No, many can though. Two considerations are the holes on the grab bar flange aligning with the holes on the WINGIT and the “snap-on” cover being deep enough to conceal the WINGIT.

What wall substrates can the WINGIT be used in?

The WINGIT can be used on:
• Stud wall